TENŌBA®, LLC provides high-quality, natural, primarily vegan and organic skincare products to those customers focused on a healthier and holistic lifestyle.

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TENŌBA®, LLC is a certified Boutique personal and skincare company owned by me, Terry, and my husband, Tony. We specialize in developing and formulating naturally-derived products, for men and women. We started the company out of a desire to rid our home and our bodies of man-made synthetics, to the greatest extent possible. After my 2nd cancer diagnosis, I began doing extensive research and learned about the overwhelming number of harmful chemicals in both our food and skincare products. This began my quest of purchasing and eating organic, non-genetically modified whole foods and learning about safer ingredients for skincare products. I then discovered the benefits of essential oils, herbs, and other botanical ingredients and their uses in skincare, personal care, and cleaning products. From there, I began making products for myself and Tony. As other family members and friends became aware of this, they were interested in purchasing the products. Eventually, we agreed there was a need and an interest in our products and, on April 26, 2016, decided to begin formulating and making them on a small scale for others to purchase. As TENŌBA’s products became more popular we noticed that men were very interested in natural and organic grooming products as well. So, we launched our men’s line, LEONIC™, in October, 2018.

Our products are designed for the naturalists, eco-warriors, vegans, and anyone who is desirous of beautiful, healthy, supple, skin and hair without all of the man-made synthetics. We thoroughly research each ingredient and consider its benefits for beautifying your skin and hair. We carefully set our intentions for each product and then strategically craft them to create the beauty solutions you need. Our products will leave your skin and hair feeling pampered, luscious, and healthy!

Enjoy and remember to always Nurture your Skin with Nature!



To be the leading boutique skincare design company in the country by creating safe, high-performing products that provide our clients with guilt-free skincare options that are both non-toxic and beneficial to the body.



  • To carefully research and understand every ingredient we use; its benefits for your skin, how it will impact your skin, its quality, and where its sourced

  • To put you first and ensure we get you the safest and best results

  • To continue to set our intentions for each product and believe the best results will be achieved