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Beard Oil (organic)


12 Bottles - $7.50 each Wholesale

Our beard oil is made with organic ingredients, is naturally-derived, vegan, and is a nice blend of organic black castor seed oil, grapeseed oil, shea nut oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, and natural fragrance oil. These ingredients will nourish, condition, moisturize, and soften any texture of facial hair, help prevent “beardruff”, help keep hairs untangled to appear fuller, and helps with itching. It is also helpful to use on mustaches and the hair on your head and gives tons of benefits to the skin.

The beard oil comes in four different scents or can remain unscented. It is great to pair with our whipped body crème, shea butter, and body scrubs. See the ADDITIONAL INFO for the scent descriptions and to LEAVE A REVIEW.

The oil comes in a 2 oz glass bottle with a treatment pump for ease of use. If used once a day, this oil should last for approximately 30 days.

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Additional Info

Fragrance Descriptions:

Barbershop - Heart notes of amber and rum with a light top note of musk and bay. Very nice, subtle fragrance.

Shaun - A bold, complex, masculine masterpiece with top notes of ginger, bergamot, cedarwood; middle notes of vetiver and black pepper; and base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, and pimento berry.

Kani - Imagine fresh, clear, blue water infused with the crisp, clean citrus aroma of lime with a slight woody undertone of cedar. Makes a nice, unisex fragrance.

Tweed - Elegant, rich, sporty scent with notes of sandalwood, Florentine iris, herbaceous clover, French verbena, violet leaves, and ambergris. Very masculine.

Customer Favorites:
1. Tweed
2. Barbershop
3. Shaun & Kani

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