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Lip Glaze (all natural)


Our Kashmir Kisses lip glazes are the 3rd step in our Kashmir Kisses line. Use it throughout the day to keep your lips moisturized and beautifully tinted. They come in 11ml (1/3oz) tubes, are free of man-made synthetics, and made only with castor oil, carnauba wax, beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, elderberry extract, and vanilla extract. To color our lip glazes we use mica pigments. Mica pigments are the name of a group of naturally occurring minerals which can range from being completely matte to sparkling or opalescent. Mica pigments are a purified and crushed mica mineral.

This nourishing lip glaze feels wonderful on the lips, provides a nice tint, is long-lasting, and does not feel waxy, pasty, or sticky! We offer 18 different shades of browns, metallics, pinks, and reds/oranges to choose from!

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Lip Glaze-1.png

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Color Descriptions:

BROWNS/METALLICS (listed in order pictured)
1. Dark Chocolate is a very deep dark brown with a shimmer finish. This is our darkest brown.
2. TENOBA is a shimmering, deeper mid-tone brown that is darker than the Aborigine Amber but lighter than the Dark Chocolate.
3. Aborigine is a shimmering, deep mid-tone brown with copper hues.
4. Latte Harvest is a shimmering, beautiful copper color with slight red undertones that reminds us of a warm latte on a crisp autumn day.
5. Copper Runway is a very glitzy and glittery copper color that is great for anyone who likes sparkle! It's great for an elegant night out.
6. Egyptian Bronze is a beautiful, shimmery bronze.

NEUTRALS (listed in order pictured)
1. Amarie (Silk) is a shimmering taupe with mauve undertones. Reminds us of the stockings ladies wore back in the day.
2. Zion (Nude) is a clear glaze that simply moisturizes and nourishes your lips while adding a little shine. Great over your favorite lipstick.

ORANGES (listed in order pictured)
1. Coral Orange is a shimmering bright reddish-orange color very similar to the Bittersweet Red/Orange but without the slight undertones of pink.
2. Bittersweet is a shimmering red powder that produces a red-orange with very slight undertones of pink.

PINKS (listed in order pictured)
1. Plumberry Pink is a shimmering fuchsia that is cross between plum violet and berry red. It's slightly darker than the Fairytale Pink.
2. Fairytale Pink is a shimmering dark pink that is slightly lighter than the Plumberry. It's reminiscent of a puffy and flowing dress from your favorite fairytale princess.
3. Sexy Pink is a beautiful, shimmering light pink color that is slightly darker than the Blushed Pink.
4. Blushed Pink is a shimmering, soft, and subtle warm shade of pink.

REDS (listed in order pictured)
1. Bordeaux is a shimmering, strong-toned deep red with violet undertones reminiscent of a red wine.
2. Red Wine is a shimmering warm metallic red with peachy undertones. It is slightly lighter than the Bordeaux and resembles a vintage red wine from a French vineyard.
3. Diva Red is a true red with a shimmer finish.
4. Raspberry is a shimmering scarlet red with a slight dark pinkish hue. The color reminds us of the color of juicy raspberries.

Colors may appear differently on your monitor.

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