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Lip Scrub (organic)

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Our creamy, exfoliating Kashmir Kisses Lip Scrub is the 1st step in our Kashmir Kisses line. It is made using organic sweet almond oil, organic cane sugar, organic raw honey, organic beeswax, organic vitamin E oil, organic vanilla, and elderberry extract. It is gentle on the lips and effective at sloughing away dead skin and all the build-up from lip balms, butters, glosses, lipsticks, etc. It will leave your lips smooth, clean, and moisturized. The combination of the cane sugar, honey, and vanilla, gives the scrub a naturally delicious flavor! The scrub should be rinsed off, but since all the ingredients are free of man-made synthetics, primarily organic, and edible; it is not harmful if swallowed. The scrub is natural and our containers are BPA-free.

Great for men and women!

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Lip Scrub 1.JPG

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